DPL Workers United Newsletter July/August 2023

Our union is making moves!  Your coworkers and supportive community members have been attending library commission meetings, meeting with the mayor, and courting city council on your behalf. Fun fact: attending and speaking at commission meetings are actions that are protected under your First Amendment rights, state whistleblower speech protections, and SB 23-111, a recent… Continue reading DPL Workers United Newsletter July/August 2023

DPLWU Newsletter, May/June 2023

In 2021, after years of DPL reducing our quality of life and finally, our job security (by making us at-will employees), a group of workers started organizing together to collectively push for greater choice, voice, safety, transparency and democracy in our library system. Denver Public Library Workers United was formed. Our union was created to… Continue reading DPLWU Newsletter, May/June 2023