June 28, 2021

Dear coworkers,

This past year we’ve faced extraordinary struggle, loss, and change. We’ve made sacrifices to support our loved ones and to serve our Denver community. Many of us have needed support and connection with our coworkers more than ever.

In late 2020, an effort to organize a library union grew from a spontaneous staff get-together to talk about the stress and vulnerability of working as frontline and support staff during the pandemic. 

That conversation grew to where we are today: officially announcing the presence of our union—Denver Public Library Workers United—with proud public support from over 10% of our workforce.

If you haven’t heard from us yet, it’s not because we don’t trust or need you. We tried to talk to who we knew, some branches were harder to make contact with than others, some people were harder to meet with than others, especially outside of work. Secrecy was a vital tool: it helped us pick our moment and define our story. Now is the time for everyone; we need your action and to strengthen our collective voice. We need you more than ever before and welcome you wholeheartedly. Will you join us in building a workplace community of care and solidarity?

As we move forward, our efforts will not be perfect. There is no one right way to do this work and we have much to learn. We are not experts on what it is like to work in your branch or department and do not know what navigating DPL is like in your shoes. 

Check out our website www.dplworkersunited.org, email hello@dplworkersunited.org or follow us on FB/Insta/Twitter to learn more about who we are, what work we are doing and how to join.

We are stronger together. We can make real change together. Will you join our team and help make the library the kind of place where values are truly implemented and staff are truly supported?

In solidarity,
Denver Public Library Workers United

Aaron Francis

Amahl Grant

Amanda Savasky

Amelia Eckles

Amma Romero

Andrew Kleiman

Angel Romero


Becker Parkhurst-Strout

Becky Currie

Brian Polk

Carly Tam

Carrie Wolfson

Casey Fazio

Chandra Jones

Chris Root

Damian Morales

Danette Baltzer

Dave Wilkinson

Desiree Sotomayor

Dmitry Konoplev

Erin Sladen

Erin Wilkins

Evan Kelley

Eyklipse Baca

Heidi Young

Iker Madera

Jay Ballenberger

Jeff Troeger

Jeff Washenberger

Jennifer Dewey

Jennifer Winkel

Jessica Grazulis

Jessie Rodriguez

Jim Ramsey

Jon Flanagan

José Hernández

Joy Miček

Juan Ramirez Anzures

Julie Martinez

Lainie Miller

Lauren Seegmiller

Liana Kiddy-Gan

Liesel Schmidt

Liga Rostoks

Lily Kosmicki

Kalid Al-Rajhi

Kat Burney

Kate Burns

Katie MacKendrick

Marco Alvarez

Margalo Mullaney

Mabel Darling

Mark Passman

Megan Albee

Ellis Koop

Michael Roeser

Misuk Laura Young

Monica Washenberger

Nadia Rendon

Nate Stone

Nicole Sickinger

Rachel Hartman

Rachel Reddick

Raylene Gonzales

Richard VonForster

Rochelle Gutierrez

Sarah Ganderup

Shannon Sharkey

Stacey Grijalva

Tammi Arnett

Taylor Charron Schwab

Tiffany Arvelo

Tim Dean

Virginia Vassar

Will Torrence

Yanira Duarte

Yvonne Sadeghzadeh